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What makes an excellent river rafting adventure? We know after listening to our guests for over 75 years that your river rafting guide is probably the most important element making the difference on the Utah rafting trip you select.  He or she is the one you depend on not only to safely navigate the river, but to prepare your food, entertain you and educate you. Don Hatch River Expeditions guides are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional experience.  From the moment you step off the bus at the launch point until the moment you say farewell at the end of the trip, they'll be there for you.

Don Hatch river rafting guides are renowned for their experience and training as well as for their friendly easy-going personalities and their culinary abilities, each with their own special flair for outdoor cooking.   All our professional river guides are highly trained in every aspect of river running.  Each of our guides is state licensed and certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR, as well as safe and proper food handling techniques.  Much emphasis in their training is placed on safety, professionalism and service to you, our special guests. After a fabulous meal at the end of your day of rafting, there's time for some (mostly true) river stories and an occasional appearance by the guides' old camp friend, Hatchmo. Your rafting guides can also tell you about the history and physical aspects of the river canyons, plus the rich history of our company. Our guides consider the river canyons their home and want to share their well-kept home with you.  You'll go away with an insight into geology, archaeology, the flora and fauna and environmental ethics.