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Whatever Utah rafting trip you choose with Don Hatch Expeditions, you can be assured that you are getting the finest quality and safest rafting equipment available. Over our many years of experience, we've found that different rafts and white water rafting equipment work better depending on the river flows, current speed and rafting crew experience levels.

Oar Rafts
This type of raft is used on our One Day Rafting Trips, Green River Rafting, Yampa River Rafting and Colorado River Rafting expeditions (later in the season).  Each oar raft can hold a maximum of five guests and will have a skilled and licensed guide manning the oars.  Rafts are self-bailing and designed with your maximum comfort and safety in mind.

Paddle Rafts
If you are looking for a more participatory type of trip, you may want to join a rafting crew in a paddle raft.   This type of raft is available on select One Day Rafting Trips, Green River Rafting and Yampa River Rafting multiday river rafting expeditions. A paddle raft can hold from four to eight paddlers and will have an experienced highly skilled rafting guide giving commands.

Motorized Pontoon and Snout Rig
These inflatable rafts are motorized and used only on Colorado River Rafting Expeditions. They offer maximum excitement and safety during the spring and earlier summer when the water levels on the Colorado River are typically higher.

Inflatable Kayaks
These are small inflatable rafts, similar to a hard shell kayak, manned by one or two guests.  Inflatable kayaks can be made available by request on certain sections of our One Day Rafting Trips, Green River Rafting and Yampa River Rafting trips depending on conditions and water levels and availability. We recommend the ability to understand simple instructions to man an inflatable kayak.