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Class 1 (I) Easy: Very little whitewater.

Class 2 (II) Moderate: Some whitewater. Small amount of maneuvering required.

Class 3 (III) Intermediate: More whitewater. Longer rapids requiring some precise maneuvering.

Class 4 (IV) Difficult: Long, continuous rapids with difficult, precise maneuvering required. Generally scouted before running.

Class 5 (V) Very Difficult: Extremely difficult maneuvering required. Very dangerous. High probability of capsizing. Very rare on commercial trips.

Class 6 (VI) Not Navigable: Unrunnable.

River Ratings

River Ratings

Green River - Lodore Canyon Class 3 to 3+

This trip offers excellent whitewater which is generally safe for the entire family. Rapids on this stretch require some difficult maneuvering on the part of your guide.

Yampa River Class 3 to 4

Rapids on this trip are generally very fun with very nice sized waves. Of specific interest is Warm Springs Rapid, which is a solid Class 4 rapid. However, we give you the option of walking around this one.

Colorado River - Cataract Canyon Class 3+ to 5

This is a whitewater trip. Rapids in Cataract are continuous and very large, especially during the high water months of May and June.

Green River - Split Mountain Canyon Class 2 to 3

This is a great all-around trip for just about everyone, especially families. Rapids offer good excitement but are generally safe for ages 6 and up.

Green River - Flaming Gorge Class 1 to 2

This is a great trip for those who may not want whitewater. It is a scenic float with abundant wildlife along the river corridor.

If you are concerned about your children, call us. There may be times when water levels do not permit your younger child to go during the high water times mentioned above. Persons with heart conditions or other physical limitations should also contact us before booking.