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Yampa River, Utah Rafting, White Water Rafting | Don Hatch

Dates & PricesDates & Prices


4 Day Dates: May 13, 20, 23, 28; June 13, 27

Adult: $1099
Youth: $999

5 Day Dates: May 15, 25; June 6, 8, 10, 21, 24, 27, 28; July 1, 7, 8

Adult: $1299
Youth: $1199
Geology: $1399
Meditation & Yoga: $1449

Specialty Departures:

5-Day Adult Only: May 30, June 8
5- Day Geology: May 31, June 3
5-Day Meditation & Yoga: May 17

Prices subject to National Park Service approval

Deposit: $400
River Rating: Class III to IV
Minimum age: 7 years (12 at high water levels)
River miles: 70

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Yampa River Rafting in Utah

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If you're looking for Utah white water rafting at its finest, Yampa River rafting in Dinosaur National Monument has it all! Action, excitement and history. The Yampa River is the last major tributary of the Colorado River System that is natural and free flowing. Each spring, this Utah river offers thrilling whitewater, including Teepee, Big Joe and Warm Springs rapids, considered to be one of the ten toughest rapids in the country. The Yampa River has a relatively short but wild season as its flows are totally dependent upon run-off from winter snows.

In addition to rapids, the scenery along the Yampa River adds a beautiful dimension. On your Yampa rafting trip, you can expect to see such sights as "Tiger Wall", named for its black streaks called "desert varnish." Imposing white sandstone cliffs serve as the backdrop to groves of Box Elder trees. Eagles and falcons majestically soar above the canyon walls. This area was first inhabited by prehistoric cultures, then early Native Americans and later by miners and homesteaders of the 1800's. As you raft down the Yampa, you'll stop along the way to visit ancient Indian sites and other places of historical significance. This Utah rafting trip has been selected by geology professors many times over as a fabulous field trip for students and if you're a geology buff, there's plenty here for your interest and enjoyment.

Additional Information

Additional Information

All prices are per person and do NOT include sales tax or gratuities. Special arrangements can be made for groups of 15 or more.
Call for group rates and custom quotes. Youth prices are for children 17 and under. Dates and trip lengths are subject to change.
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